• Made in Thailand, Kingdom of handmade product..
  • Original Thailand style.
  • Material : Brass, Color : Gold.
  • Size : Long 5 Inches, Adjustable to fit any size finger.
  • Quantity : Set of 8.
  • Imported from USA.
Set of 8 Original Thai dancer costume accessories direct from Thailand, unique and authentic Used by traditional Lakhon Thai Dancers during their Theatrical performances. Beautifully handmade Brass finger nail extensions, 4 for each hand excluding the thumb, worn on the finger tips, adjustable to any size finger. The "Fawn Lep" or Fingernail Dance usually consists of five pairs of dancers, each wearing the long brass fingernails. The elaborate elongated fingernails emphasize the classic hand movements of the Thai dancer. You can get more details here. Service with sincerity & Service tracking number thank you very much.

Rare Asian Thai Art Original Accessories 8 Brass Women Finger Nail Costume Claws from Thailand