• About this item.
  • Easily grow your own mushrooms in bulk.
  • 100% premium mushroom growing substrate.
  • Fully pasteurized and ready to use.
  • Water content guaranteed and ph balanced.
  • Works perfectly with fully colonized spawn.
  • Imported from USA.
Please note if you plan to start from a spore solution you need to begin with sterilized rye grains. Pasteurized Manure Based Mushroom Substrate is specially formulated mushroom growing substrate for growing gourmet edible mushrooms. We get our manure form one single source. There horses are organically fed and very healthy. There is no doubt this is the best mushroom growing substrate you can get on the market today. Myco bags are very convenient and this how many professional mushroom growers choose to grow there mushrooms. The water content is guaranteed in the pasteurized mushroom substrate. This makes sure there is no bad bacteria or mold spores left living in the compost. You will receive a myco bag full of enriched mushroom substrate that any dung loving mushroom species will thrive on. We package our Manure Based Mushroom Substrate in pre sealed 10" myco bags with built in 5 micron gas exchange filter. These are currently the best myco bags available for home mushroom cultivation. This will insure that you receive the freshest substrate possible. This is perfect substrate for all gourmet dung loving mushrooms.

Pasteurized Manure Based Mushroom Substrate in Mushroom Grow Bag