• 500mg of reduced Glutathione per tablet.
  • With 300mg of Alpha Lipoid Acid and 200mg of Vitamin C, per tablet..
  • 200% stronger than regular Glutathione supplements.
  • 60 tablets per bottle - a fraction of the price of the high street, especially when compared mg per mg.
  • EXTREMELY HIGH QUALITY - Made in the UK to the highest cGMP and ISO standards by one of the worlds largest contract manufacturers exclusively for us.
  • Imported from UK.
Double Strength Glutathione - 1000mg x 60 tablets Double the Glutathione but a fraction of the high street price, 500mg of Reduced Glutathione, 300mg of ALA, and 200mg Vitamin C per tablet. What is Glutathione used for? Glutathione was recently featured on a major network TV show with a famous Doctor. During the show, the famous doctor described Glutethione as the MOST IMPORTANT "Superhero" antioxidant, and essential for removing harmful toxic cells that have been oxidised and damaged by free radicals. Cells can be damaged by the sun, through having a poor diet, or by the bodies own processes not functioning at their optimum levels. Glutathione has been described as being a magnet for the toxic cells, soaking them up and thus allowing your body to heal itself. It is thought that supplementing with Glutathione can help reduce the amount of toxic oxidised free radical cells in the body. Glutathione for skin lightening: It has also been shown that taking large doses (6 tablets or more) can help even out, and lighten skin tone. It is often used as a treatment in India for this purpose. The strongest we could make: As a long standing and UK based family owned company, we always operate with our customers in mind. When making any supplement, we try to produce the strongest possible product that we can sell at a reasonable price. With that in mind we created these to be at least 200% stronger than regular Glutathione tablets. Most others contain between 50 and 250mg of Glutathione and often that is all. Double Strength Glutathione tablets contain 500mg of Reduced Glutathione along with additional ingredients shown to improve the affects of the glutathione. These are, alpha lipoid acid and vitamin C.

Glutathione 1000mg x 60 Tablets. With 500mg Glutathione, 300mg ALA, and 200mg Vitamin C per tablet. SKU: GLU3