• Magic brush Beautiful and shiny hair. Who do not dream of us to shine like a real star? The Japanese have found this way - they have created a perfect hairbrush.              
  • Imported from USA.
Scalp brush not only comb your hair but also nourish it and take care of the skin condition of our heads. Now it's a miracle hairdresser has come and to us, available only in the Sam Sebastian Style salon in Szczecin. Japanese stylists have already appreciated stylists around the world. The show is used by famous fashion designers, among others. Jean Paul Gaultier and Karl Lagerfeld, and Hollywood actresses like Natalie Portman and Gwyneth Paltrow benefit from her. - This is a revolution in hair care - is provided by stylist Sebastian Zając. - Hair bundles, models, but also cleans and massages the scalp, so it has more properties than a traditional brush. "Scalp brush" has two types of bristles. Longer - acrylic - is responsible for combing and hair care, ideal for distributing nutrients. The shorter nylon hair is used to massage the scalp and cleanse it of any impurities, including excess sebum, which is located in the hair follicles. The effect of such a deep cleansing will not be achieved with a traditional washing of the head with your fingers. "Scalp brush" can be used while washing hair. This is a complete novelty, as normally the water ruptures the hair by spreading their scales. They then become very susceptible to mechanical damage, so traditional combing of hair with a plastic brush is not advisable. "Scalp brush" thanks to its technology allows this treatment, while making the hair more shiny and liable to be stacked. - The brush removes pollutants from as many as 40,000 bellows on the scalp while gently massage the scalp. - presents the "scalp brush" effect of the stylist. - The tips of the bristles are shaped like a ball, which does not irritate the scalp and the hair itself. The Japanese are among others. Famous for the fact that many activities in their lives celebrate, also washing and combing hair. - In Japanese salons, head massage during washing is a normal activity, it takes up to

Magical shampoo "Scalp brush" SCALP BRUSH WORLD MODEL/SHORT (made in Japan)