• Total : 1 Box * 20 Sachets = 20 Sachets.
  • CNI Ginseng Coffee was introduced to USA in 1995..
  • CNI Café has a traditional flavour and a delightful aroma..
  • CNI Café is a blend of fine coffee powder and ginseng extract formulated by our experts..
  • It is a delicious beverage that you will always relish!.
  • Imported from USA.
A million cups of CNI brand coffee is consumed daily in Asia. CNI was among the pioneers in introducing functional coffee concept and the product since 1990. CNI Ginseng Coffee combines the Ginseng goodness to a # 1 drink in the world, Coffee. CNI Ginseng Coffee was introduced to USA in 1995. It is one of the most unique and healthy drink in the market today. Ginseng Coffee is the perfect energy drink for coffee lovers! Since ancient times Ginseng has been accepted as an effective source of natural herbal energy. Adding Ginseng to Coffee provides the prolonged supply of energy frequently associated with the use of coffee. Ginseng Coffee has exquisite traditional flavors, a delightful exuberant aroma, and is easy to prepare.Enjoy it at home, at the office or any where you enjoy a good cup of coffee. Ginseng Coffee is a refreshing drink and a unique taste experience.

CNI Cafe Ginseng Coffee 20 Sachets New Packaging ( 1 BOX )