• Model# 42402 - 100% Genuine PHILIPS bulb in standard industrial packaging at significantly low price.
  • D4S - Factory OEM 4300K with Precise light distribution / Normally goes for over $150 or more at dealer | DOT approved and Street Legal / Standard specification for Factory HID equipped vehicle || (( It's NOT Halogen. It's HID/XENON. HID bulb cannot fit on Halogen lamp! Check your bulb before ordering)).
  • OE (Original Equipment) spec of 35W DOT GERMANY Genuine PHILIPS Direct Replacement Bulb - Pack of 1.
  • Light Color: Standard OEM 4300K Color temp (Standard White) | If you need cooler color temp, look for 5000K or higher | Note: All HID lights discolor to get whiter/bluer over usage & dims down. When comparing this NEW bulb against your OLD bulb, the NEW bulb may look warmer in color, which is normal. Replacing in PAIR is suggested..
  • This bulb is offered at such low price because it's in standard industrial package box. There is NO verification sticker. If you want official retail box w/ Certificate of Authenticity, please check our other listing as we also offer retail version at higher price. Please do not mistakenly order this and complain for missing sticker..
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  • Imported from USA.
This is 100% genuine Philips OEM factory spec HID bulb, which is the same one that most HID equipped vehicles come with as standard from factory. Please note that this is just standard 4300K spec, which is plain white. If you need blue light or white effect, please search for higher kelvin such as 5000K or 6000K. Please note that all HID lights do discolor to become bluer and whiter over usage and loses its brightness at the same time. For this reason, we strongly recommend replacing both bulbs at the same time in order to get even lighting output and color. *** WARNING! This listing is offered at low/discounted price since it comes in industrial packaging just like shown on photo. There is nothing more or nothing less. If you need ones that come in retail box with COA (Certificate of Authenticity), please search for it on our listing. Although the price is about 1.5 - 2X higher than this listing, you will get fancy packaging box with COA sticker. We are trying to make it as clear as possible because some buyer(s) complained about not having COA sticker when it was never mentioned on this listing.

PHILIPS D4S 4300K XenEco OEM Replacement HID bulb (# 42402) - Pack of 1 by ALI