• THE No. 1 ANTI AGING SERUM BY HEALTH BEAUTY CHANNEL DELIVERS RESULTS. Recommended Day Serum by Top Spas and Salons. REDUCE FINE LINES AND WRINKLES OR YOUR 100% MONEY BACK! The moment you pump this thick luxurious concentrated Vitamin C Serum with Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid onto your finger you'll know the Medical Grade Difference. Concentrated, it Works Hard to fill in fine lines and wrinkles, even skin tone and texture, fade age and sun spots, and help rid the skin of blotchiness..
  • BEST VITAMIN C SERUM TO GET YOUR TIMELESS BEAUTY BACK by OPTIMIZED LAB in Beverly Hills . Imagine Vitality and an Ageless Complexion! OPTIMIZED FACE PERFECTOR is a Topical Medical Quality anti-aging serum packed with potent Vitamin C and Vitamin E, vital nutrients to skin health aiding in collagen production. Restore your skin to a younger, more radiant state with Vit C and E powerful antioxidant that helps restore aging skin by neutralizing free radicals caused by sun damage and over exposure..
  • ★ MADE IN THE USA SAFE & EFFECTIVE Pharmaceutical Grade to exceed the highest standards for natural beauty products adhering to stringent manufacturing guidelines. You can depend on OPTIMIZED LAB to deliver the highest quality formula for topical anti-aging serums on and the web. Max Strength, 100% Pure Potent VITAMIN C, E & HA from OPTIMIZED LAB in Beverly Hills. "This serum is super thick, not watery, works Amazing! Wrinkles tightened away. It's my daily Youth in a bottle" -Alice.
  • OPTIMIZED LAB uses only cruelty free, vegan, no synthetic color and natural ingredients to give you the safest and most effective serum, cream, toner, and moisturizer formulas. This anti-aging serum will leave no redness or irritation and is non greasy. Safe for all skin types including the most sensitive skin around the eye. FOR DAYTIME: OPTIMIZED Vitamin C Day Serum. FOR NIGHT, use OPTIMIZED Hyaluronic Acid with Peptide 8 Night Serum. YOU'LL LOVE IT! WE GUARANTEE!.
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  • Imported from USA.
AGING SKIN RESOLVED - NOW YOU CAN HAVE CELEBRITY SMOOTH SKIN Try this bottle for 3 weeks. We guarantee you will be AMAZED by the results. DOCTORS AGREE! The anti-aging secret of doctors and spas in Beverly Hills! WHAT IS IT? WORKHORSE TRIO Natural and Pharmaceutical Grade VIT C and VIT E with Hyaluronic Acid formulated in our OPTIMIZED LAB; Professional Take Home Serum; boosting collagen prodution for healthy skin, a preventative from UV sun damage, fill in fine lines and wrinkles. Safe for all skin types. HOW IT WORKS: ✔ Vitamin C is the collagen booster your skin needs daily. Super antioxidant rejuvenates aging skin and neutralizes free radicals produced by Sun Exposure. ✔ Vitamin E evens out skin tone to help clear blotchiness. ✔ Hyaluronic Acid HA+ absorbs and holds in water to create volume, plump and even out crevices. Supercharge your skin hydration levels with OPTIMIZED C with E and HA. The result is hydrated skin that is left looking soft, smooth and supple. SIMPLY CONSIDER 3 THINGS! 1. THE BEST: Most brands charge $75 - $125 per bottle. Is this value for your money? Buy only the Best! 2. THE QUALITY: 100% Maximum Strength Professional Take Home Serum, Concentrated Medical Quality! 3. THE RESULTS: We'll let you judge for yourself. We guarantee you'll be happy or your Money Back! Our Luxurious VELVETY LIQUED GEL glides on and absorbs FAST ✔ Directly tackles fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, hyper-pigmentation and sun damage ✔ CONCENTRATED anti aging POWER WORKHORSE ✔ BOOST collagen for a healthy skin texture and plump, younger looking complexion ✔ For all skin types, including sensitive, dry, oily and breakout prone skin ✔ Proudly Made in the USA ★ BUY WITH CONFIDENCE money back guarantee with this product

#1 BEST Anti Aging Vitamin C Serum with Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid, Medical Grade Skin Care For Face, Fill Fine Lines, Fades Age Spots, Evens Skin Tone, Anti Wrinkle OPTIMIZED for Day Use.