• ♥ It is the latest upgrade rail pressure tester, it can test kinds of common rail pressure sensors of diesel engine, include for BOSCH, for DENSO, for DELPHI..
  • ♥Due to the installation or removal of the pressure line, material cannot be inserted into the fuel line. Fuel and injectors, the fuel injection pipe will not be damaged, resulting in other effects such as fuel leakage..
  • ♥The CR508S not only tests the effects of rail pressure, but their similar function is very special and very useful for our users (usually the only test of the universal scanner does not work..
  • ♥It is a portable fuel line pressure gauge and simulator. Users can use it to quickly measure the pressure in the public lane of the car's high-pressure fuel line. Eliminating the tedious task of eliminating fuel lines due to the use of mechanical pressure gauges. At the same time, outside.
  • ♥0MPa to 200Mpa! Accuracy up to MPa. The CR508S uses an adaptive measurement mode. The user does not need to choose, the product can automatically identify the type of sensor connected..
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  • Imported from USA.
1) CR508 is the latest upgrade rail pressure tester, it can test kinds of common rail pressure sensors of diesel engine, include for BOSCH, for DENSO, for DELPHI. 2) CR508 is a portable fuel-way pressure tester and simulator. Except test, CR508 also can be used for simulating fuel pressure that universal scanner can’t have. By simulation, users can stimulate conveniently for searching problems on fuel way. 3) CR508 Diesel Engine common rail pressure test can be operated simply with high accuracy avoiding the complicated operation compared with the previous use of mechanical pressure gauge pressure tube and problem caused by other factor entering a damaged fuel injector and the pipe damage , a series of negative effect caused by oil spills . 4) CR508 greatly improves the working efficiency.Most importantly according to the standard data to search for the engine starting difficulty and power caused by the lack of engine fault alarm The instrument is enclosed with standard operating rail pressure data and details of the fault that can quickly guide the repair staff to trouble shooting and repair detection of common rail. It truly become an indispensable diagnostic instrument 5) To judge whether the common rail pressure is normal based on the comparison between the testing results and standard data.Usually indicate the below problem about the engine if the common rail pressure is unnormal. Engine is hard to start or could not be started. Engine lacks of power. Engine power is not stable or some high some low. Engine climbing powerless. 6) CR508 supports all common rail pressure sensors, including for Bosch, for Denso and for Delphi; measurement range includes 0MPa to 200Mpa. The accuracy is up to 0.01MPa. Adaptive measurement mode is adopted for CR508. User do not need to select, and the product can automatically recognize type of connected sensors for rapid measurement.

KAWISH CR508 Digital Common Rail Pressure Tester and Pump Simulator High Voltage Motor Diagnostic Tool Features More - Common Rail Pressure Tester and Simulator Sensor Test

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