• Micronized Kava - Instant Kava - No Preparation Needed.
  • Simply stir in 2-4 teaspoons in any beverage and Enjoy!.
  • Specially processed to remove coarse fibers.
  • Noble Certified Fiji Waka Kava.
  • This isn't your typical weak Fiji Kava - Strongest variety we offer!.
  • Imported from USA.
This kava product has been specially processed to remove the coarse fibers found in normal kava powders. This creates an easy kava break on the go. Simply stir 2-4 teaspoons into any beverage and enjoy some Island Relaxation. No mess, no prep, quick kava. Certified Noble through TK Group Labs.

Micronized Instant Kava Powder - Fiji Loa Waka (4 oz)